Large Citrine Drop – Tribal Series

Details :
– RM 70.00
– Code : C-0013
– Citrine Drop Dimensions : Approx. 3 cm x 2 cm // 1.2″ x 0.8″
– Chain Length : 75 cm // 29.5″
– Raw Brazilian Citrine Drop; Gold Plated Chain

Description :
Raw. Organic. Statement-making. This beautiful imported Brazilian Citrine comes straight from the ground, natural, uncut and untreated. It’s been polished until it gleams in the sunlight, and then attached to a long gold plated chain.

The color of the citrine gem is a stunning bright orange that fades to the top. Each stone is different in size and shape, but that is what makes each and every necklace different and unique. It makes a beautiful piece of jewelry for evening wear and formal events, but goes great with T-shirts and jeans too!

Subtle but so very very beautiful and one-of-a-kind! Since the necklace is plated with gold, it does not tarnish easily, and does not rust.
There is no toggle or clasp because the chain is long enough.